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山 本 二 三 やまもとにぞう

テレビアニメーション「未来少年コナン」(1978)で自身初の美術監督を務め、以降、「天空の城 ラピュタ」(1986)、「火垂るの墓」(1988)、「もののけ姫」(1997)、「時をかける少女」(2006)など、美術監督として数々の名作に携わった。

「アニメーション美術の創造者 新・山本二三展」が全国巡回中。累計入場者数が90万人をこえ、好評を博している。画集等の著書多数。故郷を描くライフワークの作品群「五島百景」が10年をかけて2021年、ついに完成した。迫力ある独特の雲の描き方が特徴的で、ファンの間で「二三雲」と呼ばれている。

美術スタジオ 絵映舎(かいえいしゃ)代表
東京アニメーションカレッジ専門学校 講師

絵映舎 HP

Nizo Yamamoto

Nizo was born in Goto, Nagasaki on June 27th, 1953.

After graduating from junior high school,

he entered a high school in Gifu to study architecture.

While in professional school of arts,

he began his job to produce scene paintings foranimation.


He took part in a number of masterpieces,

such as “Castle in the Sky,” “Grave of Fireflies, ”

“Princess Mononoke,” and “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time,”

as the art director.


His art exhibit, “The Creator of Japanese Animation Art,

Nizo Yamamoto Exhibition” is traveling around Japan.

The total attendance exceeds eight hundred thousand.


He has published many works as art book. Currently,

he is tackling for his hometown painting collection,

called “A Hundred View of Goto.”

The clouds he portraysare so powerful and unique

that they are called “Nizo clouds” among his fans.

Representative for art studio, Kaieisha

Goto City sightseeing ambassador

Visiting professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design

Lecturer at Tokyo Animation College


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